Why should you be thinking of changing over to an eco energy system in Cornwall?

First and foremost the important reason is to save money! Now, that may sound obvious but when we show people that we can save them over 50% on their current heating bills by changing to an eco energy system, that is normally reason enough. But if you're still on the fence, then here are some more reasons:

  • Fossils fuels are expensive and historically prices will always rise.

  • Better for the environment – being greener is no bad thing and we all need to do our bit.

  • Instant heat – unlike some systems that seem to take ages to get warm.

  • Fantastic replacement for night storage heaters which are expensive to run and rarely provide the heat when you most need it.

  • Can help with breathing related health issues such as Asthma, hay fever etc

  • Will act as a dehumidifier and clear damp extremely fast ( a big problem in our county)

Switching to renewable heating systems makes sense for future proofing against rising bills and although the price of oil has come down recently, it is a commodity that will always rise on a long term basis.

Daikin Nexura3 Eco Heating

Choose from our vast range of air source heating solutions to suit all types of homes and businesses. Whether you are looking for an air source heat pump, a complete electric central heating system or an air conditioning contractor, we can help.

We plan, supply and install high quality air source systems in Cornwall which are carried out by fully trained and experienced engineers. With some many people using electric heating or expensive LPG heating, we are passionate about helping lower customers heating bills by using renewable energy.

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