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“My first bill after the install backed up what Adrian had promised. I've reduced my heating bill from £85 (with four night storage heaters) to £45. I've had both units running for 3 hours in the morning and evening for exactly one month. That's a 47% reduction in my heating bill.”
Richard Nichols
“Just have to say that i'm 100% impressed by how much this air source system has transformed my 18th century cob building. We had night storage heaters that were costing around £160 per month and we hardly ever felt warm. Now I find myself getting too hot!”
Steve Wilce
“I previously had night storage heaters that were rubbish and too expensive to run. Now we have instant warmth! Duchy Eco Heating are the cheapest suppliers and installers in Cornwall, and I know that because I rang around everywhere and nobody else could beat their quote.”
Claire Taylor