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Thought heating was purely for winter?

Listen to local man Tony talk about his air source heating system. Don't go another cold winter with high bills! 

Air source heating is a fantastic replacement for night storage heaters too. If you are starting to get cold and are fed up of high bills call us for a free no-obligation survey on 01326 727398

“My first bill after the install backed up what Adrian had promised. I've reduced my heating bill from £85 (with four night storage heaters) to £45. I've had both units running for 3 hours in the morning and evening for exactly one month. That's a 47% reduction in my heating bill.”
Richard Nichols
“Just have to say that i'm 100% impressed by how much this air source system has transformed my 18th century cob building. We had night storage heaters that were costing around £160 per month and we hardly ever felt warm. Now I find myself getting too hot!”
Steve Wilce
“I previously had night storage heaters that were rubbish and too expensive to run. Now we have instant warmth! Duchy Eco Heating are the cheapest suppliers and installers in Cornwall, and I know that because I rang around everywhere and nobody else could beat their quote.”
Claire Taylor

Why should you be thinking of changing over to an eco energy system in Cornwall?

First and foremost the important reason is to save money! Now, that may sound obvious but when we show people that we can save them over 50% on their current heating bills by changing to an eco energy system, that is normally reason enough. But if you're still on the fence, then here are some more reasons:

  • Fossils fuels are expensive and historically prices will always rise.

  • Better for the environment – being greener is no bad thing and we all need to do our bit.

  • Instant heat – unlike some systems that seem to take ages to get warm.

  • Fantastic replacement for night storage heaters which are expensive to run and rarely provide the heat when you most need it.

  • Can help with breathing related health issues such as Asthma, hay fever etc

  • Will act as a dehumidifier and clear damp extremely fast ( a big problem in our county)

Switching to renewable heating systems makes sense for future proofing against rising bills and although the price of oil has come down recently, it is a commodity that will always rise on a long term basis.

eco heating

So how does air source heating actually work?

The system is based on an air source pump which is placed outside your house. It takes cold air from around it, condenses it and comes through the units as heat.

Although the air source heat pump is powered by electricity, the ratio is 70% air and only 30% electricity so by using air source heating the savings are huge compared to night storage heaters and other forms of electric heating.

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